15 comments on “Good Old Jim Scott

  1. Didn’t even know he was still alive. Must be in his 90’s by now. I listened to him on WSAI around 1970.

    And yeah, Grippos.

  2. I know nothing lasts forever but this makes me very sad. Jim Scott is the only person I listen to on WLW and my day always starts with his voice. I will miss him so much.

  3. You’re right when you say he’s a likable guy and that’s why he’s lasted so long in this community. Having said that, not no liable guys also fine success here. Look at “Willie.”

  4. I knew he wasn’t dead but I haven’t listened to Jim Scott in years. I never considered him a good fit for WLW, wish he had continued at an oldies station to play classic rock.

  5. I met Jim Scott once and he was as nice as he could be to me. I am a long time listener. Good luck Mr. Scott.

  6. I have this habit of listening to WLW when the weather is bad, so I’ve heard Jim Scott once or twice. He has a good voice for radio.

  7. I have no feelings about Scott, or whatever his real name is. He was successful because he was basically a shill, doing little but selling products and services. He was good at it, and that’s why he stayed on air so long. He brought in the WLW bucks. He knew little about music or many other subjects–he was almost purely a salesman on a station that, except for the Reds, I have little use for. I wish him continued good health.

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