16 comments on ““Jesus Wants Me to Have This Jet” Says Jackass Pastor Creflo Dollar

  1. These so called “preachers” wanting money from, as you say their “sheep,” is the oldest game in the book, but I agree that this guy is pretty blatant about it.

  2. I think people give these preachers money thinking they can buy their way into heaven. It doesn’t work that way.

  3. I’ve read somewhere along the way that Dollar has been known to beat up his wife. He’s a jackass for sure and probably worse. I wish people would wise up and see these money preachers for what they really are. Crooks and liars and even wife beaters.

  4. I think it is funny how your blog sometimes offers related content. Because this preacher’s last name is Dollar, it is being suggested that we read your post about going to the Dollar Tree store. See, computers aren’t always that smart!!

  5. Your wording is a little rough this morning but I find myself agreeing with you. Why are there so many sheep in the world? This man is so, so obvious.

  6. Sounds a lot like Reverend Ike, who blatantly asked for money from his
    ‘followers” so he could buy Cadillacs. These scammers, going back to Jimmy Swaggart and, yes, even the racist Billy Graham, have been playing these people for the fools they are forever. People stupid enough to give these charlatans their money deserve to be taken.

  7. Tuck is right, of course. Billy Graham is especially galling. He even managed to con presidents.

  8. I have said for many years that religion makes people stupid. You cannot be a free thinker and a sheep at the same time. I feel sorry for these people giving their money away.

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