13 comments on “Ashley Judd, the Kentucky Wildcats and Social Media Bullying

  1. There are some blogs I won’t read because of all the mean comments that it produces. I read blogs for good content and not for meanness. Thanks for keeping it reasonable here.

  2. Nasty and negative comments leave me cold. Glad I don’t run across too many of them here!

  3. Be able to remain anonymous brings out the meanness is a lot of people. I mean, you don’t think my read name is Jack Rabbit do you? But using an internet name doesn’t have to bring out the mean in a person, it should bring out the fun. That mostly happens here.

  4. We do indeed love our Wildcats over here and Ashley too. You go girl and go Wildcats!

  5. I wanted the Bearcats to beat them but now I’ll support the Wildcats. I hope they go all the way.

  6. I guess Judd won’t be going on Jimmy Kimmel and reading any of those mean tweets to her.

  7. Social media bullies are the lowest. Few of them would ever confront their targets face-to-face. The golden rule works everywhere.

  8. Thanks for keeping the creeps off of here. So much of this social media stuff offends me but not here so much. Keep it user friendly.

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