11 comments on “For All You Beer Lovers Out There

  1. Like you I don’t drink beer any more. Could never really say I enjoyed the taste of it. Give me a glass of white wine now and again.

  2. Bud Light? I shouldn’t be surprised by this but I an a little bit. Guinness, any variety, is my beer of choice.

  3. Bud Light and most light beers are cheap and fairly tasteless. Bud, Miller and Coors lead because of low price, not quality. Almost any craft beer, even Samuel Adams, is much better tasting, and I buy more and more craft beer as time passes. I’m getting too old to drink cheap beer.

  4. Coors is even better than Bud Light and I’ll drink that from time to time when money is low. When its not, Corona is my beer of choice. I can suck that down like Kool Aid.

  5. I’ll have a glass of wine now and then and sometimes a cocktail but never beer. All of it gives me a headache.

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