12 comments on “Pretending to Like Tang

  1. “Snot is universal. There are some things that work in comedy because they’re universal; because they’re things we all definitely know about, man. But we don’t always talk about ’em. Snot is way down the list of priorities. Invariably, if you find yourself talking about snot to a friend, there are some other topics you’ve missed.”

    – George Carlin


  2. liberainlovinit,

    I am so NOT getting your point at all. Maybe there isn’t one.

  3. When I was a kid living in Florida, my mom made fresh-squeezed orange juice for us. I tasted Tang once many years ago and, thankfully, never will again.

  4. Always go for the real thing and that doesn’t mean Coke. Drink orange juice instead of that Tang crap!

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