10 comments on “Adult Kids and Aging Parents

  1. I find it interesting that you no longer drive an automobile. I’ve lived in Clifton’s Gaslight District for over two years now and I got rid of my ride last summer. Most of what I need is in walking distance and if I want to go downtown, the bus arrives every 10 minutes or so. I’m saving so much money with NOT owning a car and I bet you are too. By the way, I enjoyed that column a lot!

  2. I don’t drive anymore either but it is because I no longer can afford a car. Just as well. Walking is better for me.

  3. With that nerve damage in your feet and legs it is better for you to be walking anyway. Helps you stay in shape!

  4. Family is all about helping one another. Sounds like you got kids who understand this.

  5. I can’t imagine not having a car to get around in but I suppose a person can get used to anything.

  6. One of my kids lives in Orange County, CA, so I never have to worry about driving conditions there, but we chat regularly. But I did call the other one in Lexington a few times this winter to check on her. She was fine and a bit surprised I called. So I;m trying to be an unworried parent who still connects now and then. They seem to like it that way. Their mother connects much more regularly, and I guess that’s natural. It’s all good so far.

  7. Tuck, I don’t think there is such a thing as an unworried parent — that is if you are a GOOD parent. My little girl is now 35 and I still worry about her, probably will until the day I die.

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