11 comments on “Chris Wallace, You’re an Embarrassment to your Father

  1. I lost interest in these Sunday talk shows after Tim Russert passed away. He made the political discussions more interesting.

  2. I think I’ve said here before that Shep Smith is fairly decent on Fox. As for the rest they pretty much suck and that includes Billo the clown.

  3. There’s a reason why his political Sunday morning talk show is dead last in the ratings. I’m surprised he hasn’t been replaced by now. Shepard Smith would make a better host.

  4. I’ve seen C. Wallace on the “Imus in The Morning” show several times, usually accompanied by his wife, a cookbook “author,” to shill his wife’s books. Imus usually rips him a new one. His father was a truly tough, excellent investigative journalist. The son comes off as weak, almost fearful; there’s no comparison. His dad would not be pleased, and Fox is the only network that would hire such a pantywaist.

  5. Larry, you and Tuck have it about right.

    Chris Wallace wouldn’t last on “60 Minutes” for 60 seconds.

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