10 comments on “Walls of Memories

  1. I’m more or less the same as you. I think I consider myself a frame collector.

  2. I try to focus on what’s ahead and learn from past mistakes. I don’t have many pictures hanging up in my place, don’t need to be reminded of errors along the way.

  3. Don’t really get your point, Sam. Now can putting up pictures of one’s kids or parents be considered “errors?”

  4. I sort of get what Sam is saying but there are a lot of good times in life and a lot of good people in it. Nothing wrong with celebrating some of your past by hanging up meaningful pictures.

  5. I have pictures of my kids, but I don’t care to see myself hanging on my ( or anybody’s) wall. Does the post office still hang “Most wanted” posters?

  6. Tuck, yes, I still see most wanted posters or at least the post office here in Covington has them.

  7. Looking back at a life through pictures. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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