12 comments on “Twin Peaks Without David Lynch

  1. After finding out who killed that girl, the air was let out of this show and I lost interest.

  2. Yes, of course. It IS all about money and Lynch will get the $ he wants and it will move forward. It’s not about art. it’s about money.

  3. I remember it being on Saturday nights right after China Beach. Now that was a good show. Twin Peaks was just okay.

  4. Without Lynch, there would be no point to it and sometimes one needs to be reminded that one can’t really go back, maybe better to just leave it alone.

  5. I remember China Beach, had a thing for that actress in the lead role. Can’t remember her name now.

  6. If it ever comes back, I hope they get the same writer/arranger to do the soundtrack. That was some great, but eerie music.

  7. The guy who played “Bob” died of AIDS several years ago. How could you do Black Lodge scenes without Bob?

  8. Time has not treated some of the ladies on that show very well. I’m hoping for some new blood to be on board.

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