18 comments on “Is it Diet Pop or Diet Soda?

  1. I tried that Shasta Cola once and that was enough. You get what you pay for. I’ll stick with Diet Coke.

  2. They all DO taste a little bit different and the taste matters to me. That Diet Shasta tastes a little bit watered down to me but the price is right. Regardless, give me Coke over that any day of the week.

  3. I don’t drink much of this stuff anymore but when I do, I’ll usually have a Diet Coke over a Diet Pepsi. Pepsi is too damn sweet.

  4. I know saying “pop” is a very Cincinnati thing. I guess I’m very Cincinnati!

  5. All that pop or soda or whatever you want to call it will rot your stomach out. Drink water!!

  6. I always called it a “soft drink” when I was a kid. A soda is pop with ice cream or maybe just a cream soda, one of my favorite soft drinks as a kid. Barq’s still makes the best, and their root beer is tops, too. But I drink very little of any of it anymore. I’ll always go for a cold beer over any pop, soda or soft drink.

  7. I’ve heard waitresses say the word soft drink but not really anybody else or at least not lately. Just an observation.

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