9 comments on “Put Yourself in Their. . . Paws

  1. That was one smart police officer. That woman will remember that longer than getting a ticket.

  2. I think before anyone is given any kind of pet, they should be given a written test to see if they are “human” enough to take care of one. Clearly that woman would not have passed the test.

  3. Some people just shouldn’t own animals and I guess I’m one of them. I love animals from afar and don’t want the responsibility of caring for one. At least I’m admitting it and at least I won’t be locking a poor dog in a car!

  4. If pet owners started doing jail time for this bullshit, you wouldn’t see much of it at all.

  5. I agree with everybody on this, but don’t forget the people that leave kids in hot cars.

  6. People who leave kids in hot cars DO deserve prison time. I think the same sentence should be for animals too!

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