11 comments on “Wanting Things to be Different

  1. You gave me an interesting read on this Sunday morning and food for thought. I don’t think there is anything wrong with “pretending” as long as you know that’s what you’re doing. I get it. Sometimes reality is simply hard to accept.

  2. I know all about your twin brother as I have read your City Beat column over the years. We all deal with grief in different ways and if this approach sort of works for you I see no harm in it at all.

  3. Couldn’t find a fascinating video an acquaintance posted showing his twin baby boys working together to escape their room during naptime. they spoke their own baby twin language, working together to pile their pillows next to the baby gate to climb over, and even thought to put a pillow on the other side to cushion their fall. Another photo shows them a few years later, each sporting a black eye that they “gave” each other while arguing. I’m sure none of us “single” persons can comprehend the special balance sheet of twin sibling love experienced by you and other duos in our lifetimes.

  4. I’m a ‘single’ so I can’t comprehend the ‘double’ but I sure wish I could. Twins have a special bond.I’m sorry he’s gone from you.

  5. I read your column and I totally see your point about coming into this world together with your twin brother and about leaving at the same time too. That’s not how it works in reality and I can tell you know that. I think pretending is Okay.

  6. A touching and true piece of writing. Your twin will always live in these words and in your thoughts.

  7. Can’t help but notice that so many of your columns how are so serious. There is nothing wrong with that but in this life you are leading I hope you are stopping on occassion to smell the roses and have a little fun.

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