10 comments on “The Daytime Talk Show that Changed Late Night

  1. I very much agree with what you are saying here. Dave’s old daytime show did change late night, made every show a bit more knee jerk and looser. Late night won’t be the same without him.

  2. I enjoy watching David sometimes but Johnny will always have my heart 🙂

  3. I remember Charlie Rose interviewing Letterman a few years ago and how he was a game changer in late night television. All Letterman could say was “I was just in the room.” I don’t think he knows how important he has been in television.

  4. Hold on to your shirts for a few years and they WILL be worth some money.

  5. It has been fun lately as they are featuring a lot of old clips from the show. We’ll all miss Dave!

  6. I’ve always liked Letterman much more than any of his competitors, and I prefer him even over Carson now, whose old shows seem corny for the most part. Carson was quick, but Letterman has always been quicker. Also,don’t forget Carson was later said to have a dark side and mean edge off-screen, and I don’t suspect much of this from Letterman.

  7. Letterman seems to be enjoying himself over the past few weeks. So often in recent years, he looked bored to tears.

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