10 comments on “Why Do So Many “American Idol” Winners Remain Losers?

  1. Ratings have been down for years now and the truth is nobody cares anymore. You’re right. It should have been cancelled more than a few years ago — probably after Simon left.

  2. I frankly NEVER watched it for the singers. I watched it for Simon’s comments. When he left, so did I.

  3. Really? Grammy winning Fantasia Barrino is a LOSER? Hardly. You sure got that one wrong.

  4. American Idol cancelled? Wonderful news. Now if we could just get rid of The Voice.

  5. Never got in the habit of watching any of these type of shows but I am a fan of Carrie Underwood.

  6. Scotty McCreery has sold a few million records. That’s not exactly being a failure.

  7. Some of these people have some singing talent, but most are not true musicians who can play an instrument well or compose many, if any, original songs that listeners want to hear more than once. Real musicians generally have a musical “gift” that gives them an individual, original approach, and many have distinctive voices that listeners never forget. Too many amateurs sound generic and never go beyond winning these tv music contests. They’re probably good bar karaoke singers, though.

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