12 comments on “A Friday Goodbye to David Letterman

  1. I thought the final was pretty good and I’m also glad it was upbeat. We are going to miss you David.

  2. The reviews on the show have mostly been positive except in USA today. The reviewer said the show fell flat. Hell, I don’t think he even watched it!

  3. I liked the final show just fine, but man oh man — that man needs to eat a sandwich. He’s much too thin these days.

  4. I read yesterday they are already taking down his set. Can’t even wait a couple days?

  5. The next to last show was also great, with Bill Murray jumping out of a cake and a compilation of Rupert Gee’s restaurant adventures with Dave as his “puppeteer.” One of the final show’s best bits had Dave playing the role of a Taco Bell drive-thru attendant. Hilarious….he was the best.

  6. Bill Murray is ALWAYS great with Letterman and that Taco Bell bit had me reeling. I think I remember him doing a bit at McDonald’s too.

  7. After what seems like years, for the past couple weeks, Letterman was “into” his job again instead of going through the motions. He was having fun again.

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