14 comments on ““Missing Ol’ Johnny Cash”

  1. I got curious so I need a Google search to find out how old Merle is these days. He’s 78. Compared to Willie, he’s just a kid!

  2. Both these gentlemen are living legends. I’m thankful they are still around and making interesting music.

  3. I like both these guys but sometimes I wish Willie would cut his damn hair. He is too old to be wearing it like that.

  4. I love the fact that he’s been playing the same guitar for decades. They are like partners in good music.

  5. I always liked John, Willie and Merle (and Ray Price, too). But I hear very little of today’s so-called “country” music that I like. It’s become watered-down rock with very limited subject matter, no stories, and it’s not especially well played.

  6. A true story teller was Tom T. Hall. Not very likely you will ever hear him on the radio again.

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