12 comments on “Losing Interest in Politics

  1. Don’t underestimate Bernie Sanders. People are ready for a real change this time around.

  2. It looks like the same old GOP “mess.” This is a party that sure the hell needs to reinvent itself and it won’t be doing this with Trump still in the mix.

  3. It will never happen, thank god, but if Santorom was ever elected president, it would set this country back by at least 60 years.

  4. If Trump runs for president, NBC will be forced to cancel his television series, then Trump will lose. That’s a win-win actually.

  5. I’m probably going to support Sanders. I don’t know how far he will get but I’m ready for change. I see no change with the GOP at all!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Karen. I have always liked Hillary but I like Bernie’s “tell it like it is” approach. We could use that in this country right now.

  7. No matter the party, they are all bought and sold by the huge contributors. For the first time in my life, I feel that my vote Is meaningless.

  8. Tuck,
    Bernie Sanders is NOT bought and sold by huge contributors. Educate yourself on this guy.

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