9 comments on “Jason Alexander Pulling a George Costanza

  1. Jason hasn’t exactly shot to fame since Seinfeld ended. That’s telling of his own talent.

  2. Howard Stern hows how to get guests to open up and say things they normally wouldn’t say. You have to admit, it is an interesting piece of information.

  3. I also which I didn’t know this. Of course it is too late now. I’m still going to think they all got along just fine. I can pretend!

  4. So on Seinfeld, he played Larry David. Now, he’s going to Broadway to play Larry David. At least he seems to have one character down pat.

    Really, he shouldn’t be critical of anybody.

  5. It was rude remark but who is going to stop watching Seinfeld reruns because of it? Nobody.

  6. It is amazing to me. All these decades later, there still is so much interest in a show about nothing.

  7. George was the most annoying of the four characters. Apparently that goes true in real life too.

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