2 comments on “The Final Word

  1. I’ve greatly missed Larry’s voice, and your email brightened my day. I’m ordering the paperback–the Kindle version is just ether. It will be nice to have his words in physical form. And thank you for making them available. RIP and bless you, Larry.

  2. I just recently found Larry’s blog and LOL archives after reading Kathy Wilson’s article in CityBeat … not sure why I was so drawn to finding Larry’s blog, but instantly connected with him after realizing that he had a real pulse on the city of Covington (my home-town) and its fun-to-watch people (Luv the Cov!). As I found myself binge-reading both his blog and archives, I imagined what it would have been like to run into him on a bus bench or at Happy & Healthy, wanting to talk about how much we have in common (Springfield OH – nothing there (lived there for a few years as a child), Arby’s on 6th Street – worst fast food restaurant downtown – glad it closed!, daily happy hour, good & bad bus stories, typing on a real typewriter, proofreading, needing time alone yet also needing my family and friends, etc.) … and how much we don’t have in common (I’m a beer drinker, not vodka, I have never smoked, never had the guts to leave the corporate world to follow my passion, etc.). And oh how he would have been a great tenant of mine (that house on 10th Street was definitely an interesting read) … although I would have been the nosy landlady that stopped in to check on him more than he would have wanted me to! I want to thank you for sending the update regarding The Silent Snowfall … I will add it to the yellow sticky-note reminder on my desk to order the paperback, along with Mishmash, Signed Sealed & Delivered, The Hurricane Cafe, Vevay Indiana, and Living Out Loud – these will be my Christmas presents to myself this year! Your Dad left you a precious part of himself in all his writings … my prayers are with you, your sister, and your Mom as you wade through the grieving process.

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