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mishmash march 28Latest book! Author Larry Gross is offering up a “word stew” of sorts—in his words, a mishmash of stories. Some of the stories are fiction, some are real life and some are a mixture of both. The subject matter varies and covers a wide variety of topics—all the way to a troubled neighbor cutting herself to Gross actually getting stuck inside an elevator. It covers silly visits to Walgreens and stray cats in the neighborhood where he lives. One story talks about an alcoholic father trying to come to terms with his life. Another story covers the issues of a homeless man trying to get back on his feet and yet another piece talks about a bug hanging out in an apartment. The variation of these stories is why Gross has found a dedicated following for nearly 20 years. A reader seldom, if ever, knows what to expect from him. “Mishmash” is his fifth book.

To order “Mishmash,” click here.

vevay march 28A son reluctantly travels to Vevay, Indiana to attend the funeral of his father—a man he didn’t love. While there, he encounters his aunt, a woman he had an attraction and fondness for when he was a small boy. After the funeral, they have lunch together at the Belmark Inn in Vevay. The son tells his aunt his true feelings about his father and she confesses to him an empty and lonely life. Their honest and riveting conversation leads to another encounter—one that will change both of their lives.

To order “Vevay, Indiana,” click here.

hurricane cafe book50-year-old Tommy James is a writer for an alternative newspaper in Cincinnati, Ohio. He’s preparing for a return trip to Seattle, Washington. This will be his first trip back since his twin brother died there nearly five years ago. Tommy’s feeling nothingness. With an ex-wife, an ex-girlfriend, another soon to be ex-girlfriend and with most of his other relationships, Tommy’s struggling to find meaning in the choices he’s making. He feels like he’s going through the motions in his life but not experiencing any kind of real happiness.

Jessica Burns is a pretty young woman in her early 20’s.  It’s been eight years since she ran away from her parents’ home in Portland, Maine after they forced her to have an abortion. She hasn’t seen them since. Living on the streets in Portland, Oregon, a vicious sexual assault makes her run again, this time to Seattle, Washington where she finds a bartending and waitressing job at The Hurricane Café. Now, circumstances there are leading her to believe she may have to yet again find another city to run to.

On Tommy’s first night in Seattle, he has a chance encounter with Jessica at the bar located inside The Hurricane Café—an encounter that sheds light on the nothingness in his life and one that will enable Jessica to start facing her demons and to finally stop running.

To order “The Hurricane Cafe,’ click here.


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Other books by Larry Gross:

“Living Out Loud”

“Signed, Sealed and Delivered: Stories

Just click on the links above for details on the books and how to order.

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