4 comments on “Farewell

  1. In print, Larry Gross was thoughtful, honest and entertaining. In person, he was more than the sum of his storytelling skills and talent; a rare writer who’s as engaging onsite as online. Cheers to a long-ago colleague and forever creative; cheers to Larry Gross.

  2. I read Larry’s blog more often than any other, and it is the only one I cared about so much that I commented frequently. He was always friendly, fair, and generally light-hearted. His seemingly simple, yet always human, stories and comments were something many of us looked forward to with each entry. I will sorely miss him and his thoughts on this life we all struggle with, and I’m certain the rest of his family and readers feel the same sadness I have as I type these words. I say “Bless you and farewell, Larry” to a friend I never actually met but will miss dearly.

  3. Tuck, I feel exactly the same. I didn’t know him well but took him on a coffee “date” last summer and he spoke highly of you, as well as other regulars commenting here. I’m out of the country now and just thought I had lousy internet. Looked forward to catching up on here when I returned. So very sad.
    is blog was a good part of my internet life.

  4. A frequent “lurker,” I will sorely miss getting my “Larry fix.” And also miss the gentleman himself very much.

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