11 comments on “Non-Smoking

  1. I’m so glad that you gave up on tobacco and those e-cigs sound safer to me too.

  2. How will management track this? Will there be “smoking” police or cameras?

  3. You will be seeing this approach more and more in the coming years. Careless smokers put everybody at risk in more ways than one, but I’m sure the man reason why the owner of your building is doing this is because he wants his insurance rates to go down. A good of a reason as any to stop the smoking.

  4. Educate some of your neighbors on the e-cigarettes. This has worked for you so maybe it can work for them!

  5. Pretty soon, some form of government will be telling me I cannot even smoke in my own house. They can stay out of my business. I WILL be smoking.

  6. There will come a time, and I hope that it is in my lifetime, when nobody will be smoking tobacco cigarettes. It is a health hazard to ALL OF US. Believe me, if Larry Gross and switch to an electronic vaping device, other smokers can too. Just do it and get healthier.

  7. The trick for smokers is going to be finding a landlord that also smokes. That’s going to get harder and harder as more of us quit.

  8. Even no-smoking in the apartments? I’m not a libertarian, and I don’t smoke, but that sounds like a stretch, legally.

    On the other hand, I wish that they would ban smoking in my building. I get copious cigarette smoke from other apartments through the exhausts. I’ve sealed as much of the apartment as I can, but the smoke gets through.

    Especially that mix of cigarette smoke and perfume that so many of the older women think will mask their smoke. Of course, it just makes a new horrible smell that’s twice as bad as the smoke. You know what smell I’m talking about. 😦

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