13 comments on “Enough of This Ebola Panic Already

  1. I think the media thinks it is their job to scare us. For example, I hate watching the weather report on television in the winter months. Even with a light dusting of snow it is like the world is coming to an end. This winter I will just READ about the weather on the internet!

  2. Like Gus, I also don’t like the fact that we now have an Ebola patient in Ohio. What is the point of moving these people from state to state? Keep them contained in Texas.

  3. Based on the FACTS, there is very little for us to worry about in this country in regards to the Ebola virus BUT we have to pay attention to it and take precautions which we’re doing. Why is CNN overdoing it on this? Ratings. Panic gets ratings.

  4. CNN’s coverage of this reminds me of that missing plane coverage some months back. Way overdone. I think this network is in panic mode.

  5. I know I’m gonna die from something sooner or later but I don’t think it will be from ebola.

  6. I refuse to watch these overblown stories. Frank Bruni’s Thursday New York Times column outlined several other real problems, including the fact that over 30,000 people are shooting victims annually. That statistic presently far outpaces the ebola “threat.”

  7. The symptoms of this virus reminds me of AIDS. I hope we never see the likes of that illness ever again.

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